How To Remove 2 Factor Authentication Instagram Without Login

by Manylogins
Nov 02, 2022
How To Remove 2 Factor Authentication Instagram Without Login

If you have 2 factor authentication (2FA) enabled on your Instagram account, then you may be wondering how to remove it without login. In this post, we will show you how to remove 2FA without login on Instagram.

What is 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)?

2FA is a security feature that requires you to enter two different pieces of information to log in to your Instagram account. One of these pieces of information is usually a code that you receive via text or email.

2-factor authentication is an important security measure that can help protect your account from being hacked. By requiring a second factor, such as a code sent to your phone, it makes it much harder for someone to gain access to your account. If you're concerned about losing access to your account, you can remove 2-factor authentication without logging in by following these steps:

How To Remove 2 Factor Authentication Instagram Without Login?

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can remove Instagram's 2-Way Identification Without logging in. Here are the steps to remove the 2 Way Authentication once you've login to your account. 

1. Go to your Instagram account and click on the profile picture in the top left corner.

2. Click on the three lines in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Click on "Settings."

4. Scroll down to "Login and Security."

5. Under "Login," click on "Two-Factor Authentication."

6. In the "Two-Factor Authentication" dialog box, click on "Remove."

Is It Possible To Remove 2 Factor Authentication Instagram Without Losing Your Data?

Yes, it is possible to remove 2FA without losing your data. However, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. By removing 2FA without login, you are opening yourself up to potential account hijackings and data theft.

How Can You Use Text Messages (SMS) For Two Factor Authentication On Instagram

Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security by requiring users to confirm their identity with a second factor, such as a code sent to their mobile phone or a third-party authentication app. If you enable two-factor authentication via text message (SMS), you'll receive a 6-digit security code via text message (SMS) each time someone tries logging into your Instagram account from an unrecognized device.

Follow these steps to turn on text message login codes that are accessible on your mobile phone.

1. Tap your profile picture situated at the bottom of the page. 

2. Tap more options in the top right, then tap settingsSettings.

3. Tap Security, then tap Two-Factor authentication.

4. Tap Text message, then tap toggle next to Text message.

4. If your account doesn't have a confirmed phone number, you'll be asked to enter one. After entering the phone number, tap Next.

5. Tap Done.


By following these steps, you can remove 2FA without login on Instagram. Be sure to take caution when removing 2FA without login, as it can open you up to potential security risks.